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Written by Ian Kelly   
Monday, 31 January 2011 01:45

Hello CUE-sters,

My name is Ian Kelly and I am a current MFA student at good ol’ Columbia University. I’m a screenwriting concentrate, though I’ve oftentimes considered switching to directing. On second thought, I may...

Remember those days? Well, I’m living ‘em!

As part of a fellowship that I have with Alumni Affairs, I’ve been assigned to help out on CUE a bit. One thing that I thought might be helpful is to simply recommend some websites/podcasts that may be of use to individuals who are looking to make a creative dent in the earth’s atmosphere. In other words, these are great sites to look at when you’re just dying to procrastinate.  

You all probably know a lot of these. And by no means am I trying to create any sort of comprehensive list or anything. I’m sure there are tons of sites/podcasts that you enjoy, as well. So please share them with me and the rest of this web-based family. By all means, let’s build this list.

 I apologize in advance that many of these sites are writing-centric. But I’m a writing concentrate, ya know? Unless of course I switch to...

 Okay, I'll stop. Without further ado:

 ScriptShadow provides thorough reviews of the latest scripts circulating Hollywood. The blog, written by an experienced Hollywood script reader, is heavily trafficked by both aspiring and working screenwriters, and provides great insight into screenplay form and the state of the Hollywood screenplay market.

John August is an accomplished screenwriter (credits include Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Go) who runs a rather informative website that offers sage advice to up-and-coming writers and artists. Topics include everything from “When and how should one go about finding an agent?” to “Writing from theme” to “Should I buy the iPad 2?” Another good window into the crazy world that is Hollywood.

An archive of incredible in-depth interviews. Since its inception in 2005, this near-weekly podcast has interviewed a majority of the major working screenwriters in Hollywood, from Eric Roth, to Brian Helgeland, to Simon Kinberg, Diablo Cody, and Michael Arndt. Also available on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/creative-screenwriting-magazine/id77837603  

 A great podcast from Apple that showcases interviews with screenwriters, directors, and actors, ranging from the Coen brothers, to Todd Phillips, to Francis Ford Coppola. Each episode features a different guest moderator from an entertainment-related publication. 

 Ela Thier is a New York-based independent filmmaker who runs a blog that will make it quite difficult for you to procrastinate your writing. Why? Because in each blog post, she leaves her readers with a writing assignment. Give it a try and just write. Write badly, if you have to. Whatever the case, show that blank page and blinking cursor who’s boss.

Noted film scholar David Bordwell populates this expansive blog with essays and musings on a myriad of film topics.

Just as it sounds, the Independent Film Blog is a resource for filmmakers who would like to better understand the “independent film model,” if in fact that model still exists. It’s a site where one can get the lay of the land of distribution trends, buys, etc. 

Ken Levine is a seasoned television sitcom writer, (credits include MASH, Cheers, and Frasier) who hosts quite an entertaining blog. Whether he’s offering advice to writers, telling anecdotes from his career, or weighing the odds of a Los Angeles Dodgers playoff run, there’s a considerable amount of good information that Ken offers. 

And finally, some sites where you can dig up PDFs of your favorite scripts:

 Hope you found these somewhat useful. Now let’s add to the list! 

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Career Development Articles
Written by CUE Webmaster   
Saturday, 19 April 2008 09:11
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