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Written by CUE Editor   
Saturday, 04 May 2013 11:40

The Wrap-Up From Jonathan Miller

CUE Screenwriting Showcase: May 8, 2013, United Talent Agency, Beverly Hills, Calif., 7:30-10 p.m. Click to RSVP.

The screenwriters' showcase is my first project for CUE. Having joined the board soon after I moved to LA from NYC, the showcase's progress has mirrored my own toward settling out on the West Coast.

Of course, there are a few notable differences - while the showcase has truly been a team effort, I did not, unfortunately, have a cadre of volunteers teaching me the intricacies of LA driving and the lowdown on LA culture (beyond a right on red). In comparison, my job has treated me quite well since I got here, though I am still waiting on my first check from CUE ;)

In all seriousness, both West Coast life and the showcase are a slow build. After soliciting scripts a year ago, whittling down the top 10 scripts with the reading committee and finally selecting the best 5 after another round of reading, the showcase is almost here. Hard to believe. And while most will only see the finished product, a lot of planning went into the entire event. CUE did not just have the showcase on a whim; the planning and coordination has been extensive - from catering to casting and inviting, a whole team melded together to put together what will be a great event.

Dedication, teamwork and preparation - the essence of anything, really. I'm eager to share the finished product with the Columbia community and build a great tradition.

- Jonathan Miller
CUE Screenwriting Showcase organizer