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Monday, 30 June 2008 02:23

Major headway was forged on Tues April 1st as the founding members of CUE welcomed many SOCAL Alumni to an open meeting at the Sanjang Tea Garden. Not only did film school alums represent but also we had the pleasure of meeting others from the Business School, the Journalism school, the Law school and Barnard College.

We would like to introduce our newest CUE Board members: Beth Schacter, Yung Seoul Kim, Alex Otto, and Danielle Beeber. With the advent of our new members and a new committee focused on Career Development we expect to launch expanded features on our website soon, including job/internship listings.

This year we also expect to produce special panels regarding both our craft and the business of working in film. We will be present as we were last year at this year’s Columbia University Film Festival Los Angeles, details to follow...

The CUE Board 2008

Ricardo Acuña, Co-Chair
Ed McGinty, Co-Chair
Scott Foster, Director of Events
Hersch Faber
Alex Otto
NaRhee Ahn
Mary Prendergast
Danielle Beeber
Beth Schacter
Yung Seoul Kim
John Akin