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My "Date" With Simon Kinberg PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul Francis, SOA Film '99   
Sunday, 26 October 2008 00:00
Simon KinbergI didn't know much about Simon Kinberg before I met him. All I knew was that he wrote MR. AND MRS. SMITH and other very high-profile studio pictures and was considered "a success story" of Columbia's MFA Film program. I knew he was active in Columbia Alumni Affairs and was well liked, but there were the requisite spurious rumors:

"Isn't he British?"

"Dude, that guy totally c*** blocked me at a party the other night."

"Oh, that guy is so part of a massive conspiracy engineered by The Masons."

Going into the interview, I brought many preconceptions to bear - thinking of other "high profile" writers and directors I have met. These other meetings have always proven bittersweet as I've detected a mix of pride, relief and a pervasive tinge of panic caused by the often unpredictable mood swings of the studios. Sometimes there is a sense of partying it up in Pompeii with soft rumblings in the distance.

Columbia Dominates Student Acadamy Awards Finals PDF Print E-mail
Written by CUE Webmaster   
Thursday, 17 April 2008 18:16
The School of the Arts announced that "Columbia University School of the Arts' Film Division students have virtually swept the narrative film category in the Eastern Regional Finals of the Student Academy Awards. Seven out of Eight nominated films are by Columbia SoA Film Students." Read the full article here.
Sundance Rundown - Columbia's presence in Park City PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sarah McNeill   
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 17:58

ImageThis article excerpt appears courtesy Columbia Spectator's The Eye.

Columbia garnered top prizes in three out of the four categories for feature films—dramatic, documentary, and world documentary. Columbia's success at Sundance 2008 is not an anomaly—previous Columbia-affiliated films include Padre Nuestro, Little Miss Sunshine, and Half Nelson.

Many of the 2008 festival filmmakers joined film division Chair Jamal Joseph and the new Dean of the School of the Arts, Carol Becker, at a Columbia Alumni Association and School of the Arts reception in their honor during the first weekend of Sundance. As the reception commenced at the swank 350 Main Brasserie, Joseph gave a speech that commended Columbia's achievement and the artists in attendance.

Alfredo De Villa on Adrift In Manhattan PDF Print E-mail
Written by NaRhee Ahn   
Friday, 12 October 2007 01:13
Adrift In Manhattan
Adrift in Manhattan, Directed by Alumnus Alfredo de Villa, SoA ' 98
Alfredo De Villa, SoA ‘98, discusses his latest feature, Adrift In Manhattan, starring Heather Graham

CUE: Congratulations on your theatrical release of ADRIFT IN MANHATTAN. Tell us the story of how the film was conceived, produced and distributed. Which production personnel were also Columbia alumni?

ADV: The film was conceived initially as personal response to my first feature film, WASHINGTON HEIGHTS. As you often do with your first films, I traveled widely (the film went onto to 50+ film festivals around the world) with it and saw it with a variety of different audiences. I realize that my favorite parts of the film were those where very little happened, where you were just experiencing the emotions and the characters. I thought to build an entire feature story from a component of such moments. Could a collection of those moments build to something greater than the moments?

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