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CUE Holiday Party Brings Broadway flavor to Hollywood Boulevard!
Saturday, 22 December 2007 05:46
ImageAs anyone who made it to this year’s CUE/NYU party can tell you - our first holiday party was a hit! With over 400 RSVPs, the guests in attendance brought plenty of holiday cheer to the evening – and Memphis turned out to be a perfect venue. Alumni and friends from both Columbia and NYU were able to meet and mingle throughout the evening – creating an excellent opportunity for networking. All around, it was a great night to meet new people from both schools, and see old friends as well. Brainstorming for future CUE/Tisch West event are in the works!

Many thanks to the people who helped put this event together, include Anthony Agoni and the CUAASC board; our CUE event team – NaRhee Ahn, Hersch Faber, and especially Scott Foster; Tisch West’s team – and especially James Latham; Micky Hohl for taking pictures; Jeff Gund for helping with the venue; and the team at Memphis for making the evening go smoothly; and to all of the people who showed up to make the night a success!

ImageSo cheers to 2007 – and CUE is inspired to bring you more industry networking events in 2008.