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Tuesday, 31 July 2007 17:00

The Oscars. 2007. Ivy Entertainment threw a bash - inviting all of the Ivy School's "alumni in entertainment" groups to attend. Problem was - Columbia didn't have an "alumni in entertainment" group. Sure, we had a film school. But we didn't have any organization for the alumni in Los Angeles. Luckily, a few key people went to that Ivy Oscars party. And they got the ball rolling. They were Ricardo Acuña, Scott Foster, Ed McGinty, and Barbara Sanon.

Shortly thereafter, we had our first meeting. Ricardo hosted, and an evite went out to everyone we could get an email for. Lots of people RSVP'd - and fifteen made the meeting.

Thanks to all who came to this first meeting; it really got us energized. We realized that there was enough support in the Los Angeles area to make the creation of a sustainable alumni in entertainment group possible. From that meeting we formed a provisional organizing committee - in addition to Ricard, Scott and Ed, they included: John Akin, Baxter Churchville, Hersch Faber, Mary Prendergast and Jaxon Ronin. In summer of 2007, NaRhee Ahn also joined the board.

We also want to encourage other alumni to join us in fleshing out and expanding our group. So any Columbia Alums who have time and interest to volunteer, let us know This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it !